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Activate your potential

Activate your potential

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Personal dewelopment

get to know your potential

mgr Ewa Winkler

Psychologist and Economist

Providing a jungian analysis in Polish and English.

Got an international title of Jungian Analyst after final exams in London within a framework of a Router Program under the guidelines of International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

Clinical experience of working with neurotic individuals and therapeutical groups gain in II Psychiatry Clinic of Provincial Brudnowski Hospital in Warsaw.

Completed a certified training in The Polish Association for Analytical Psychology (PTPA).
Working in depth within individual sessions in London.

She is also Individual Member of International Association of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and active member of The Polish Association for Analytical Psychology (PTPA) working currently in Audit Committee.

+48 501 339 427

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“Until you make the unconscious – conscious, it will direct Your life and You will call it fate.”

Carl Gustav Jung


Why Jungian Analysis?

  • activates your potential method
  • supports personal development
  • space for reflection and self -reflectio
  • discovers deep motivations
  • works with deep sources of problems not temporary symptoms
  • brings long term lasting results, not only temporary adjustments

About The Method:

  • analysis is being provided within 50 minutes sessions
  • it is continuous process , no shorter than two years
  • on the sessions the client talks about memories, symbols, patterns of behaviour
  • we also work with client’s unconscious, hidden patterns and dreams
  • we work on the relation between the client and the analyst

Who is it for?

  • for all persons focused on the self development
  • for people wanting to have a fulfilled and happy life
  • for individuals, who are interested to get to know themselves in depth
  • for people wanting to improve relations with family and friends

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+48 501 339 427

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mgr Ewa Winkler
Analityk Jungowski

Consulting room:
Ul: Świętokrzyska 18/422 ; IV piętro

tel: +48 501 339 427


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